giovedì 28 maggio 2009

Silas Scarborough @ 1:00 pm

Silas Scarborough è uno dei più bravi chitarristi elettrici inworld :dopo aver suonato per molti anni con la sua band i Freezebirds ha iniziato una carriera da solista. In Second Life suona le tastiere, il basso,e la chitarra . La sua gioia più grande la ricava suonando una Godin xtSA con synthesizer in grado di fornire un enorme potenziale espressivo!

Silas has been playing electric guitar for many years in a history that started with his days with the Freezebirds but which evolved into an online act in Second Life that features keyboards, bass, vocals, and guitar. His greatest joy is playing a Godin xtSA guitar that has synthesizer capabilities as that gives a tremendous expressive potential.

Silas doesn't play a fixed schedule in Second Life but you can join his Silas Xanadu group to get notified when he is playing and when he is shooting videos. Silas works with Telia Soyer in designing and shooting the videos and they have made five music videos in Second Life so far. There will definitely be more to come!

Silas Scarborough has CDs that are available from CD Baby at

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